Last night, Savannah was flat-out pooped.  To express her desire to go to bed *right now* she told me, “Oh, mama, my legs are just as hard as pudding.”

Really?  Hard pudding?  I know I’m no Julia Child, but I don’t think I’ve ever served hard pudding.  I just had to giggle.  I knew what she was trying to get across because her body language said it all.  She wanted to flop right into her bed.  It’s just that sometimes her language wires still get crossed, even at the age of six.  What comes out sometimes makes the average person wrinkle their brow in puzzlement, but that’s part of being the “mama”….making sense of the strangest things!

The $64 question is why are most Easter dresses sleeveless?  I understand that many parts of the U.S. are already in sleeveless and sandal season around early April, but certainly not here in Wisconsin.  Last year we celebrated Easter Sunday with a good 12-18 inches of fresh snow so this year the 45degrees felt nearly balmy!  Savannah’s dress came from a website that was going out of business.  All of their clothes were 75% off so I only paid $13 incl. shipping.  I’m pretty proud of that deal!  I took it upon myself to make a little wrap for the dress with my new sewing machine.  I just didn’t think a sweater would look right, but knowing Savannah, she would *need* to have something on her arms.  It was a lot more difficult to find Easter-appropriate wear for Josiah.  Many stores don’t even carry dressy clothes for little boys beyond a polo shirt and Dockers.  By the time I thought of going to Burlington Coat Factory it was a madhouse.  They had an abundance of suits, but I really had to dig through everything before I found the perfect one.  It’s a good thing I double checked before I got to the register because the pants were a 4T and the jacket was a 3T.  I gave up at that point.  I think I had looked through every rack and even though there were plenty of 2T and 4T’s there was almost nothing in a size 3.  There must be lots of 3 yr. olds in our town!  So we went with just a shirt and tie, nothing too snazzy. 

Tim was able to come home from work a bit early and we worked on decking out our eggs.  I had purchased several kits on clearance last year after Easter so we had the regular dye and also some paint to make swirled eggs and speckled eggs.  It was a blast!  After we were finished Tim and the kids put the leftover paint in the toilet to make a swirl of colors.  The kids were thrilled!Tim took a picture, but I am not going to post a picture of our toilet! 

We continued our tradition of making Resurrection Rolls.  They were just as yummy this year as they were last.  Note to self:  make sure the rolls are sealed very well or you will have the Jesus marshmallow oozing out of the top which puts a bit of a damper on the object lesson.  

In the morning, the kids were thrilled with all of their goodies.  It was a lot of fun just to spend a few extra minutes with them.  Usually we’re rushing around on Sun. morning.  But we took time to read, again, the story of the Resurrection.  I think Josiah may finally be getting the idea that Jesus did not stay on the cross.  Up until this point he continually points out that the soldiers put Jesus “on da cwoss” and that He was “bweeding”.  Every time we discuss this I tell Josiah that Jesus did not stay on the cross, but that he rose again 3 days later and He lives in Heaven today.  Inevitably, Josiah jumps right back to Jesus on the cross.  I think it is so fresh in his mind because of the drama presentation we saw at the Holy Land Experience.  He seemed to be really influenced by the story of the crucifixion as a result of that production.  But I think maybe the lightbulb went on a little bit and he seems to understand that Jesus is alive today. 

Savannah is definetely putting two and two together regarding the death of Christ and the salvation that is freely offered to all.  We’ve had a lot of discussions in the past several months and I’m praying for wisdom in guiding her spiritually.  She has a lot of head knowledge, but it’s not quite made it into her heart yet. 

Now that Easter has come and gone I am anxious for the warm breezes of spring.  We’ve had a few teasers here and there, but so far a cold wind comes and blows the nice weather away.  We have a few flowers sprouting up – some crocuses and tulilps and daffodils.  But it always takes longer for things to grow over here by the lake.   Spring can’t come soon enough!

Eternal hope and life everlasting.  The promises of God don’t get any better than that!

“….I love all my family and myself, and the Chinese people who speak Spanish….even though I can’t understand them, because we’re supposed to love all people even though I can’t understand it when they speak in cursive…..”

–Savannah, during our evening prayers

I’ve been going for a striking blog look for the past several months.  It’s called “blah”. 

When I first started blogging I enjoyed playing around with different styles, learning some basic html, and trying to make my blog pretty.  For many reasons, that fell by the wayside along with actually, you know, blogging about stuff. 

I’m back on the CSS wagon, so to speak.  As you can see, I’m doing some beautifying around here and it will take a bit of time which is hard to come by around here!  So until things are finished up, please have patience with the columns that aren’t lined up properly and the titles that aren’t bolded, etc. etc.  I’ll try to have it top notch soon.

Hopefully, a lovely-looking blog will motivate me to do some actual writing!

Last night as I was reading Savannah a chapter in Pollyanna before bed, I glanced over to see her *ahem* digging for gold.  (She’s going to love me for this post when she gets older!)  So I leaned in close and told her that “young ladies don’t do that.” She thought for a brief moment and said, “Oh. But, I’m not a young lady.  I’m a girl.”

Okay then, by all means, dig away.   Or not.

Don’t you just love toddler-speak?  It’s one of my favorite languages and one of the saddest things that I’ve had to let go of as the kids get older.  Thankfully, even though Savannah has graduated almost entirely to speaking in grown-up English, Josiah still gives me enough to giggle about day by day.  I’ll have to blog the Josiah-isms some other time.  For now, I have to record a few things that Savannah said when she was four (yes, she is now 5 1/2.  Please don’t ask about her baby book).  This list has been floating around for that long and if I don’t blog it soon, I’ll probably lose the list and forever moan the fact that I can’t remember how she talked as a little one. 

Un-inside-out.  “Mom, can you help me un-inside-out my shirt?” 

Chikmunk. “Hey, look!  I see a chikmunk!”

Old McDonald’s. “Can we stop at Old McDonald’s?”

Snuffed up / snuffy. “My hair is snuffed up (or snuffy) !”  (describing static cling).

Companated. “That sounds pretty companated.” (complicated)

Chippy Throat. “I have a chippy throat.”  (sore throat)

Toe Tips. “Look at me!  I’m on my toe tips!”

Yesternight.  “Yesterday?  You mean yesternight.”

She also managed to say a few things that I never thought I’d hear her say like the time that we’d had a rough day and she was describing it to her father when he came home from work:  “Well, the day started good, but went down the tubes.”  Tim and I both looked at each other and burst out laughing.  How does a toddler know to say that?  Probably from listening to me, actually.

She also came up with random thoughts that made me shake my head.  I was teasing her one day when we were reading a book with a picture of a blue cow.  I asked her if a blue cow made blue milk.  “No,” she said, “it makes pink.”  Hmmmmmm.  There’s some food for thought.  Another night we were reading A Bargain for Frances when I asked her if she understood what was happening in the story.  She laughed as if I was silly to ask that question paused poignantly and said, “No.”

Lastly, while tucking her in bed one night, after giving her the usual hugs and kisses and reading the obligatory story. or two. or three.  She reached up and put her hands around my neck and said, “I’ll keep you forever.” 

That, my friends, tops them all.


a picture from last Christmas 2007

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